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NK Res2 is a distinguished boutique specializing in operational performance enhancement through comprehensive training and services spanning all aspects of performance improvement. Our core mission is to empower organizations to elevate their operational performance by harnessing our extensive expertise in high reliability organizations. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, we customize our offerings to align with each client’s unique needs.

At NK Res2, our team comprises former military leaders and a highly proficient, certified, licensed, and experienced group of professional coaches, facilitators, and consultants from diverse fields of expertise. This diverse talent pool enables us to provide a broad spectrum of services, including IT solutions such as system integration, application design and development, data center management, and network and data recovery services, as well as expanding our offerings to the trading sector, encompassing products ranging from furniture to fabrics, with a special emphasis on defense-related products.

As a registered Human Resource Development Corps (HRDC) company, NK Res2 has forged collaborations with both local and overseas universities and associations to establish educational pathways from certifications to diploma and degree programs. Our overarching goal is to foster long-lasting value by delivering systematic, measurable processes and strategies that enhance efficiency and safety, ultimately helping individuals and organizations make a meaningful impact.

We invite you to join hands with NK Res2 on the journey to enhance your organization’s performance, ensuring alignment with your mission and vision.



To become the center of excellence for Operational performance Improvement


To deliver the best methodology to improve performance of the people, community and organizations


NK Res2 is a HRDF Claimable Training Provider (TP) registered with HRDF. 


It takes great inputs, talents, skills, experiences, tools and commitment to get the best results 


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