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Since its establishment in 2016, NK Res2 Ventures Sdn Bhd has been committed to delivering valuable training programs to our clients. To stay aligned with current needs, Res2 has continuously enhanced its training approach and methodology, resulting in significant improvements. Our transformation journey extends to diversifying our training programs, including security and intelligence offerings. At NK Res2, we uphold stringent quality standards across all our products and services to fulfill our clients' requirements. We firmly believe in collaborating closely with our clients, as this partnership enriches us with the knowledge and insights necessary to achieve our vision and mission. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed clients for their unwavering support. Please feel free to reach out to us if you require any further assistance. Thank you for choosing NK Res2


At NK Res2, our accomplished coaches have a proven track record of delivering safety and human performance programs for a wide range of industries and global companies. We tailor the content and format of our programs to precisely align with each company's unique needs. NK Res2 proudly deploys highly experienced leaders with decades of elite leadership and operational expertise to collaborate with our clients. Our coaches boast over 20 years of prior experience in building, training, leading, and optimizing teams. Their backgrounds encompass diverse fields such as aviation, special operations, international development, emergency response, and other dynamic, high-hazard, and complex environments. In organizations characterized by high turnover, where relatively inexperienced teams face high-risk situations, every individual, from the back office to the front line, must consistently deliver peak performance. At NK Res2, we deliberately manage culture, systems, processes, technology, leadership, and training to produce exceptional results, even in the most stressful, high-visibility, and high-consequence scenarios. As experts in change management, NK Res2 places a strong emphasis on fostering continuous improvement in human performance. Our coaches also support companies in enhancing their leadership skills, standardizing processes, and optimizing team behaviors, empowering their workforce to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. For more information, please visit our website at



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