Tecnical SkillConsultancy

We have the abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks in all industries such as O&G, Logistics, Refinery, Transportation, Vessels, education, agriculture, defense etc. List of services:

  • Operational Performance Audit System consultancy
  • NK Res2 JV with companies locally and overseas that has the expertise of providing services for:
    Oil & Gas
     1. Project Support
    2. Drilling Fluids Support
    3. Cementing support
    4. Slops Management
    5. Supervision of Fluid,
    6. Waste Management and 7. Cement Operations.

    8. Environmental compliance
    9. Tendering

    1. Onboard Management System
    2. Development of Hearts & Minds, Safety Champion, and any other safety related programs
    3. Emergency Response, Crisis Management and Security Program and auditing
    4. Operational Performance Audit System or any management audit related.
    5. Safety Aviation
    6. Reviewing and develop Organization Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), Manuals, checklist etc.
    7. Logistics Supply Chain



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